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Age of Wushu
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Age of Wushu Description

Martial arts are the true way to becoming a hero of the people and representing what is good. Do you have what it takes to not only master the skills but your inner-self as well? Prove it in this free online game...


Age of Wushu is a free-to-play MMORPG in which you will take a journey back in time and experience a time when the real heroes of the world were the masters of martial arts. In this online game, you will write your own story and possibly become a legend by following the path you choose and proving to yourself and others. If you are confident that you have what it takes to rise to the top in this online game, get started by downloading the client and setting up the account. Once that's done, there's nothing to stop you from mastering the martial arts.

In Age of Wushu, you will find yourself in lush, detailed environments that harken back to the days of Ancient China. These environments are not only true to history, but are painstakingly designed so that you feel even more a part of the story. From story missions to dangerous dungeon runs: Snail Games has made sure that every little detail of this game stays true to the Wuxia world.

There are eight different schools - Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Tang, Beggar Sect, Scholar, Royal and Blissful - of martial arts that you can master in Age of Wushu. Each school has its own unique skills and abilities, letting you create the character you want and play how you want. Not only are these different fighting styles available to you, with internal and external skills, there are also magical techniques which gives you the chance to tap into the mystical realm.

Your ultimate goal in Age of Wushu is to master your character and skills to become a legend among the martial artists. Fight for your right to claim the title of ultimate Leader of the Wulin alliance as yours. This means you will not only have to embark on quests in Age of Wushu, but you will have to defeat other players as well, especially those of rival schools. No one ever said the road to mastery would be an easy one and in this free-to-play online game, there is no exception.

by Kyle Hayth

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